USA On The Road – 3 weeks between Boston, New York and California

«We gotta go and never stop going till we get there»
«Where we going, man?»
«I don’t know but we gotta go»

(Jack Kerouac “On The Road”)

This article was published in may 2014 when I didn’t have any ideas of how to write a blog post and when my english was still…… this terrible!


I have just came back from one of my dream-travel, one of that travel that I didn’t expect to do so young.

In September I found a very cheap flight for USA so my dream was coming truth.

During the nineteen days spent in USA we have been to Boston and New York, on East Coast, then we moved, by plane, to San Francisco where we started our first real trip on the road between San Francisco, LA, Yosemite National Park, Death Valley, Vegas.

When I came back to Italy everybody was asking me what did I like the most about the trip.


My first reaction was to start talking about the cities I visited and make a list of them.

But when my bestie asked me the same question, my real answer came out: what I liked the most was the sense of freedom I felt in the nine days spent on the road with a map in my hands and the possibility to choose, day by day, where to go and when.


I’ve loved to drive in that big road trying to see the orizon.

I’ve loved to can stop the car in the middle of nothing and smile, run, jump, scream…

I’ve loved to drive for 1700 miles in 5 days never feeling tired.

But…what I really have loved the most was the happiness i could see on my face discovering a new place.


I will repeat this forever : “Who lives sees much, who travels sees more”.

Thank you very much for reading the story of my first on the road and sorry for my english.


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