Top 5 things to do in Perth – the most remote city in the world

Perth is the capital city of Western Australia and, even if most of the people have no idea about where it is or what is going on there, the city is famous for the many records it scores; Perth is, indeed:

  • one of the sunniest cities in the world (and I can witness this!)
  • one of the most remote cities in the world, the nearest city with over 500k population is Adelaide 2100 km away (according to the flights’ costs to fly from and to Perth I’d say it is maybe the most isolated)
  • the only real city of Western Australia (I mean the next one is Bunbury with a population of 70k people)
  • the city is home to the biggest urban park in the whole world – King’s Park

In this post I will share with you the top 5 things to do in Perth to enjoy the best of the city.

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The fisherman house – The Blue House

This is, no doubt, one of the most Instagram Friendly places in Perth and that’s why you will probably need to cue for a while to get the perfect shot.

The fisherman blue house is a tiny wooden house happily floating on the Swan River; try to go there in the high tide days so you can admire the house completely surrounded by water.

Leederville Street Art

Leederville is one of my favorite areas in the city, it is full of colorful street art, trendy cafes and – unfortunately too expensive – beautiful shops.

Strolling around Leederville will fill you up with positive vibes and you will fall in love with the street art masterpieces covering most of the buildings.

Go there for a coffee in the morning or a drink during the happy hour.

The View from Kings Park

Kings Park is a special place for me and I’m absolutely in love with the view on the city you can only get from up here.

Have a walk in the amazing botanic garden and end your visit in Fraser Street to enjoy Perth’s best view.

Tip: watch che sunset from the DNA Tower, is the only spot from where you can see the sun going down.

Tip2: sunrise is the best time to go to Kings Park when you can see the sun rising behind the CBD.

Perth Hills

Speaking about the best view of the city we need to mention the Perth Hills: wineries, waterfalls, kangaroos and National Parks! If you are in Perth you can’t miss a day trip in this area.

Scarborough Beach

What does make an Aussie trip more Aussie than jumping on a surf board and catching the next wave?!

Just go to Scarborough Beach and give it a try. A few hour lesson is only 20$ – including board and wetsuit rent.

It’s gonna be amazing and bloody hard but it will gift you with incredible memories. Remember once surf is in your life it will be there forever, surf is not a sport, its a feeling that quickly turns into a lifestyle.

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