Ten Things to see in Western Australia (Esperance to Exmouth)

Ten Things to see (or do) in Western Australia (Esperance to Exmouth)

I don’t know why most of the tourists coming to Australia choose to travel only around East Coast and I don’t know why they don’t even put a couple of stops in Western Australia… it’s such a shame! Never mind, here I am ready to show you the incredible beauty of Western Australia – and I’ll do that, step by step, discovering this places on my own first.

So, let’s start this trip… here are my ten things to see or do in Western Australia:


Have a walk on the other Ocean side at Busselton Jetty

Could you ever been so brave to swim two kilometres away from the beach? – at least once in your life? For sure not me!

I got incredibly nervous if water only reaches my shoulders! I could never do such a swim (sharks are my biggest fear… just to let you know).

That’s why I’ve loved Busselton Jetty so much: it is a two kilometres white old wood Jetty that jumps into thousands of blue shades in the Ocean.

And you know what? This is the longest jetty of Southern hemisphere.

A walk on the Jetty costs 3$ each or, if you like, you can reach the jetty’s end by train (12$ each); once you got there you can also choose to have an underwater experience in a glass room located right under the jetty (40$ each).


Watch the moon rise at Milup Beach and the sunset in Cape Naturaliste

I’m a sunset person, there’s no doubt about that but I’m actually falling in love with everything happening in the sky.

So, if you are travelling around Western Australia, you can’t miss a stop at Milup beach to watch the moonrise – of course after you stopped in Cape Naturaliste to watch the sunset!


Harvey Dickson Country Club (Boyup Brook)

This is one of that crazy and unique places that you can’t really figure out when someone talk about it.

Much more than only a country club, the Harvey Dickson Country Club, not only hosts a private museum of vintage and country pieces, it also hosts a small village of colourful and eccentric caravans.

The best time to visit HDCC is the annual country festival, usually in February; the festival brings to Boyup Brook up to 5000 people every year!

Usually , they all camp around the country club and spend the three days of festival drinking and singing country music waiting for the final rodeo.

NB if you are lucky enough you could meet HD owner and have the chance to visit the museum and theatre (he charged us 10$ each for the visit).

*I’ve been there again and now you can visit the Country Club every day.

Bicentennial Tree (Pemberton)

I’ll never forget bicentennial tree, a sixty five metres high eucalyptus tree hosting the highest tree lookout in the world: a wooden stage with a wonderful view on the eucalyptus forest.

But I had a problem: I could neither reach the first (of three) stage.

I was figuring myself out on that lookout observing the horizon and taking awesome pictures but… as soon as I tried to climb that crazy stairs I started panic.

The staircase is built on the big trunk and the steps are more than fifty centimetres away one from the other; this means that if you make the wrong move you can easily fall down between them.

Of course if you are super fitted and you have strong arms and proper clothes you should try.

Francesco had loved the view from the top, much worst the way down.

Spot whales in Coral Bay

After nine months in Australia, I’ve no doubt about this: Australia is just like the most incredible zoo you could ever dream about. But it’s real, it’s huge and absolutely amazing.

There are many spots which you can reach try to spot whales – Head of Bight in Nullarbor is one of them – but I want you all to stop somewhere along Coral Bay Coast and try to spot them: the whales.

I’ve spotted Humpback Whales in Quobba – about 50 km away from Carnarvon – and it was incredible since they was very close to the coast.

Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me and I don’t have any pictures of them.

NB: Coral Bay is also the perfect spot to swim with Whale Sharks if you only have a proper budget – and of course I did not!

Play with kangaroos in Lucky Bay (Esperance)

Lucky Bay is five kilometres long white sand beach where the incredible beauty on nature makes your eyes crazily jump up and down between the deep green of the hills and the brilliant blue of the water.

And that’s not all.

Lucky Bay is famous for many little friendly kangaroos living the area.

Stopping in Lucky Bay you’ll have the chance to take that masterpiece selfie you wanted so badly.

You can’t miss a couple of days stop in Lucky Bay to explore the surrounding Cape Le Grand Nationl Park; Lucky Bay camping has a small amount of sites so make sure to arrive in early morning – especially during school holidays or public holidays.

NB: don’t feed kangaroos, they can get sick because of our food and they don’t deserve it just because you want to take a selfie with them!


Take a trip to Rottnest Island

Only half a hour away from Fremantle B shed, Rottnest Island is the perfect gateway to escape city madness.

This various coast line island will leave you speechless thanks to incredible natural pools, a wild sea life and perfect spots to surf.

Explore the city in a daily bike tour up and down the Island, swim in Little Salmon Bay, take gorgeous pictures in Mary Cave, spots sea lions in Cathedral Rocks, spot whales at West End, take a selfie with a quokka (and, of course, don’t feed him! You can have a fine for that).


Cross the Nullarbor

When I first heard about Nullarbor I could never imagine that in one month I’d had crossed it twice! But, that’s it… Australia is absolutely unpredictable! Even if you have many plans, she’ll destroy them all. So, maybe, the best thing to do here is: don’t have a plan!

Let’s go back to Nullabor: you absolutely need to cross it if you want to reach Straya east side.

You’ll drive for more than 1200 km in the real middle on nothing and, I swear, when you’ll reach your destination, you’ll miss Nullabor so badly.

Don’t miss:

  • Great Australian Bight
  • The Head of the Bight – from which you can spot whales and sharks may to October
  • Nullarbor road houses
  • Spot eagles, dingi or other wild animals during the way


Let’s sand board in Lancelin 

If you are traveling up north from Perth you can’t absolutely miss a stop in Lancelin, a small – very small! – village of fisherman which turns out to be the perfect summer location during hottest months.

Stop here to… SAND BOARD!

Sand boarding is super funny, sure, it makes you feel super cool and sporty and it allows you to take the perfect pictures for Instagram.

But. Yes, there’s a but.

I have to warn you about something! Sand boarding is super hard – since you have to reach dune’s top on foot, under the sun and carrying your board!

beside that, it definitely worth the effort!

Where to rent the board? At Lucky7 General Shop and Butcher, the owner is so nice!

And, before leaving, let’ grab a coffee at lobster cafè.


Kalbarri National Park 

Last but definitely not least, take you time to explore Kalbarri National Park.

Beautiful coastlines gloriously jumping into the Ocean, incredible red rocks canyon in which you can walk or kayak – depending on the season!, various wild life and beautiful skies.

Those are just a few reasons to visit Kalbarri National Park.
The city of Kalbarri is super nice, as well. Of course it’s small – c’mon let’s think smaller! – but it’s furnished with everything you could need during your trip.

Don’t miss sunset and sunrise from Kalbarri bay, they are amazing.

  • Camp in Murchison House Station, one of the best campground I’ve visited since I came to Australia! It has wonderful showers and toilets, a marvellous kitchen and river view campsites where you can do your own fire – and cook your food there of course! www.murchisonhousestation.com.au


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