Why do you travel so much?

Last year in Istanbul – Turkey


Last year just before leaving for Bangkok – Fiumicino
<< How can you travel
so much? >>
<< Why do you travel so
much? >>
<< Are you feeling bad
at home? >>
<< You don’t miss your
friends and family when you’re away, are you? >>
These are some of the
questions that I usually hear when I’m talking about a wonderful travel
The first thing I want to
point out is that “so much” is a very relative concept.
When I think to myself and to
my status of traveler, I never say “I travel so much”! And if i should define
how much I’ve traveled until now I would only say “I travel as much as I can”.
Beside that, something that
for me is never enough… for someone it is even much!
As many of you already known,
I am an university student who gets along studies and every kind of work! So
you can easily deduce that i usually Travel with a budget!
I don’t
have problems to travel in EconomyClass or to sleep in the hostels. If i could
choose to have something more, I would not choose to go in Luxury Hotels or to
fly in BusinessClass. I would choose to travel MORE.
No, it’s not about how many
travels I do. It’s not about how many stamps I have on my passport.
The point is that I want to travel the whole world during my life… and maybe
only one life is not enough to go everywhere!
I’m not feeling that bad
during my daily life but my usual routine bores me terribly.
After a few days of
work-study-house I start to feel as I have chains around my body and my mind leaves
for a new travel. So… I book a new journey.
When I think about my future,
the only picture I really can imagine is that of a grown-up-me with a passport
in my hands, ready for a new adventure.
I don’t know “what I
want to do when I grow up” or in which city I want to live … I just want to
find the way to travel as much as possible, to tell myself, “Wow … you
travel so much”.
And I know that  that moment will be one of the best of my
Ps I’m always sorry for my english mistakes! but I’m trying to do better 🙂

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