5 days in New York – my travel diaries

Hi my dear friends,
today i want to tell you about my latest travel around USA… and of course I want to start from “The Big Apple“.
I’ve been thinking about visit the city for years and when we finally had the opportunity to go there I was feeling lost for happiness!
We’ve arrived in NY from Boston by bus and, for our first night, we took a room here.
New York was one of the biggest dream I had at 18!
I’ve always been dreaming to visit this amazing city but I couldn’t imagine that I really would have do this!
And now, at the age of 22 I have to modify my wish list adding new places to go.
Day 1: after a speed shower we start running from Central Park to 5th Ave and Times Square.I was so happy to be there After a few hours we decided to take a taxi to go on Brooklyn Bridge and see the sunset. It was one of the best sunset ever… with lovely colors and amazing clouds coming out from the skyscrapers.
For dinner we went to a delicious Indian Restaurant (only 10 dollars per person).
DAY 2: Our second day in New York city was all about walking!
We went from the beginning of the famous 5th Av to Down Town.
We saw Times Square, Bryant Park, West Village, NYU, Little Italy, China Town…
A no-stop day walking around New York City.
New York gave me the strength to walk the whole day, never feeling tired.
We ended the day looking the sunset from Battery Park.
DAY 3: Our 3rd day in New York was all about rain.
It was impossible to go around because of traffic jam (also JFK airport had to delate some flights).
So we decided to go to American Museum of Natural History (the ticket was included in NYCityPass).
What did I like the most about Museum in USA?
I loved to see so many kids running around, asking information and looking curious to everything.
But the very BEST moment was when I discovered that I am as tall as a Neanderthal man… sadness! Hope my brain is bigger than his.
After the rainy day winter comes in NYC.
We wasn’t ready for that cold….so we froze for the last 2 days in the city.
DAY 4:  the morning of the fourth day we decided it was time to admire from NY from the Top, what better place than the Empire State Building?
But how could we know that, although it seemed there was no one waiting to go inside, we had to wait for 4 hours before coming “on the top”?! And then you discover that you have to spend other 25 bucks to rise again until the last floor.
Certainly the view from the top is breathtaking, but it will be worth the four-hour wait between tourists crowded and screaming kids?
In the afternoon we decided to go to Ellis Island and see Lady Liberty.
I have to be honest: I was a little disappointed. I do not know why, but I imagined it much more impressive. Besides everything it was nice to see the downtown skyline as we left on the ferry.
Day 5: Wake up early, we left the MoMA.
I loved this museum!
I spent all the time among the paintings of Van Gogh, Picasso, De Chirico, Cezanne, Miro … And I concluded the visit with the famous work of Andy Warhol.
In the afternoon we decided to enjoy NY on foot so we moved into the Chelsea area.
And then, like every night, in Central Park to wait for the sunset.
Our last day in New York was accompanied by a profound melancholy. I knew I had to leave without seeing everything the city had to offer.
Taking a hypothetical calculation of the time you need to see WELL all five boroughs of New York would take a month. We have also taken care to take a look at the New York littlelittle appartment  but … definitely its too expensive for the moment.
I left knowing that I would be back one day maybe to live…. but that day will have to wait because my heart is eager Asia and can not wait to make it happy.

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